Guest Registration


Welcome to The Leesburg Canine Country Club! We are looking forward to having you as our guest!


Please read the following rules and waiver, and then complete the registration link at the bottom.  To complete your pre-registration, you will need the following for each family:


Human Names

Address & Tel

Human License numbers

Dog Names, Dog Breeds, Dog Genders, License Numbers

Name of your party Host

Date of your event



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I agree to hold [your party host], Country Canine Retreat, LLC, D/B/A The Leesburg Canine Country Club (The Club) and its owners, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims arising from damage, illness, or injury caused by myself, Guests’ dogs and/or The Club to anyone, and to defend [your party host], The Club, Falcon Ridge Recreation Center, and their owners, employees and agents from any such claims. I have read the rules for The Club, and I agree to abide by those rules.


I agree to hold harmless and indemnify [your party host], The Club and its owners owners, their agents, employees, clients, visitors, family Guests, and all persons connected with The Leesburg Canine Country Club, and its owners, employees and agents and further release them from any liability or responsibility for accident, damage, injury, illness, theft or death, to myself, or to any family Guest, visitor, and/or agent associated with The Leesburg Canine Country Club, its owners, employees and agents or to any property owned by myself.


In exchange for the opportunity to be a guest of Country Canine Retreat, LLC, D/B/A The Leesburg Canine Country Club (The Club), I hereby agree to assume these risks for myself, my family Guests and  my property.  I agree that it is my sole responsibility to determine whether I wish to use The Club, and to gather
with Guests, and to involve myself, my family Guests, or my property in any particular situation involving Guests and dogs, and to determine if the situation is safe for myself, my family Guests, and my property.



THE CLUB retains absolute discretion to terminate visit in off-leash dog area if Guest—in THE CLUB’s sole determination—fails to obey the following rules.


  1. All dogs must be handled by legal owners. Guests may not bring dogs that do not below to them unless prior arrangements are made. Guests may bring foster dogs if foster dogs are on the approved list.
  2. Children must be at least 8 years old to enter the off-leash dog area. Infants are children.
  3. Guests will not carry children or put them on their shoulders.
  4. Strollers are not permitted.
  5. Guest will closely supervise any accompanying minor children at all times.  Guest will ensure that accompanying children behave in a mature dog-appropriate manner (e.g. no running, no flailing, no screaming, no dog chasing, no holding food or toy above dog’s head, and no petting other Guests' or activity participants’ dogs without Guest’s or activity participant’s prior permission).
  6. All dogs at The Club (unless in the Off-Leash Dog Area) must be on-leash, and may not remain outside the off-leash dog area except for ingress and egress to the off-leash dog area.
  7. Guest will not bring any sick, injured, or parasite-infested dog into the Club.
  8. Guest must remove his dog’s feces and/or vomit, and place in tied plastic baggie in trashcans.
  9. Guest will minimize his dogs’ barking.
  10. Guest will not allow digging anywhere at the Club.
  11. Intact dogs under 8 weeks and over 6 months old are not permitted in the off-leash dog area unless prior arrangements are made.
  12. Guest must keep his dog off-leash at all times within the off-leash dog area.
  13. Dogs must be at least 200 feet (large dog) or 50 feet (small dog) from the gate when other dogs are entering.  Upon ingress, if dogs are greeting, incoming Guest must bellow, “Gate!” and wait for welcoming dogs to vacate the entryway before entering.

  14. Guest will bellow, “Guard!” and/or “Fight!” (as the situation merits) if Guest notices dogs behaving in a dangerous or potentially dangerous manner of heightened stimulation.  Upon hearing either of these warnings, Guest will recall,
  15. retrieve, or collect his dog immediately.
  16. Dogs may not “two-time” another dog (only two dogs at a time may wrestle).
  17. Guest must be of a physical and mental state, upon each visit, such that Guest is able to control Guest’s dog.
  18. Guest must be in control of and have full view of his dog(s) at all times. All dogs must walk through the off-leash dog area, and at no time be carried (unless sick or injured and other dogs are restrained).
  19. Each Guest may bring no more than two dogs into the off-leash dog Area.
  20. Guest will not allow his dog to hump other dogs nor allow his dog to be humped by other dogs.
  21. Guest will take immediate action if his dog displays annoying, aggressive, or intimidating behavior (posturing, growling, biting, heading toy possessiveness) to another dog or Guest or activity participant.  Guest will either move his dog to another part of the off-leash dog area, leave the off-leash dog area, or do whatever she/he has to do to prevent the behavior from recurring (time-out, redirect behavior, etc.).

  22. Should a fight--without injury--occur, both guests and both dogs shall engage in fight de-escalation techniques such as

  23. pack walks, re-introduction sniffing, and body blocking OR both guests and their dogs may leave the venue.
  24. Should an attack involving injury occur, aggressing dog must leave immediately.
  25. Guest may allow rough play as long as it is consensual between the playing dogs.  Guest will not allow rough play and chasing if any of the dogs involved is not comfortable with the situation.
  26. Guest will not use spiked/prong collars, choke chains, or electric shock collars on his dog(s) within the off-leash dog area.  THE CLUB may allow electric shock collars at its discretion, but never as a sole mean of control outside of the off-leash venue.
  27. Guest must have possession of a physical dog leash at all times.
  28. Guest will not bring food—human or canine—into the off-leash dog area.
  29. Guest will obey all local, county, state, and federal laws.
  30. Guest may bring into the off-leash dog area only tennis balls and Frisbees (no high value toys).  If a particular toy causes dogs to fight, that toy will be removed immediately.
  31. Guests will not bring dogs to the Club unless they are up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella.